Build a flourishing private practice.

Receive all the know-how, resources, community & support you need to thrive in practice.

Free for AIPC Graduates.

The Network of Counsellors in Private Practice (NCPP) is a business development community for mental health professionals in private practice. NCPP provides the coaching, resources, networks and support you need to thrive in private practice. Don’t go it alone and struggle.

Join NCPP and thrive.

NCPP provides a 12 month membership with a range of ongoing coaching, educational and support services to members to assist them develop and sustain their private practice business.

Services include:


Strategic &
Structural Planning

Guidance on how to structure your practice and conduct effective strategic planning and business development.


Weekly Practice Building

Tap into weekly webinars covering topical areas associated with practice growth.


Best in Class Operational

Learn how to implement best-in-class business growth and operational frameworks to grow, manage & improve your practice.


Coaching Calls

Link in one-on-one with a NCPP practice coach to discuss your business needs and challenges.


Expert Guest

NCPP regularly invites domain experts (in technology, strategy, marketing, metrics, sales, etc) to share their knowledge with the NCPP community.



Join in-person practice building workshops (delivered in most capital cities).


Advertising &
Marketing Support

Receive advice and support on new client acquisition strategies.


Network & Share Ideas
with Success

Link in to a community of practitioners and leverage off their vast experience and know-how.


Practice Building Templates

Access dozens of practice management and growth templates.


Client & Clinical Templates

Don’t spend thousands with lawyers! Gain access to a database of proven industry-grade client and clinical templates.


Plus much much more


Suddenly the job he knew how to do so well becomes one job he knows how to do plus a dozen others he doesn’t know how to do at all.

– Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth

Learn how to become a business owner

Making the move from practitioner to business owner in private practice is challenging. The skills required to build and operate a successful practice are entirely different to those required to be a quality therapist. Yet, if you don’t firstly succeed on the business side, you won’t have clients to deliver your therapeutic services to.

Shortcut your timeline to success

The aim of NCPP is twofold. Firstly, to dramatically shortcut your timeline to success. In doing so, it’ll save you significant capital and even more heartache! Secondly, to help you continue to scale your practice, to whatever heights you desire.

Build a thriving private practice

It’s NCPP’s mission to ensure you have every support to build the flourishing practice you desire. NCPP bridges the divide between practice development and therapeutic practice. It assists you to build a thriving practice, which becomes the vehicle through which you support clients.

Free Membership for 12 Months

The 12 month membership to NCPP is free for graduates of AIPC counselling courses, including our Diploma of Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling and Master of Counselling.

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