Terms & Conditions

The Network of Counsellors in Private Practice (NCPP) is a business established for the purpose of assisting mental health professionals in private practice to start up and effectively operate their business. 

By choosing to participate as a member of the Network of Counsellors in Private Practice (NCPP) you agree to the following terms and conditions, whether you have read the terms and conditions or not. If choosing to participate as a member, you declare that you are 21 years of age or older.

We’ll update this privacy policy as regularly as required, to ensure it continues to comply with the latest regulations and best practice. This policy was last amended on 22 April 2020. 

Privacy Policy

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We reserve all rights in regard to the webinars, courses, videos, materials, templates, programs, services and products of the NCPP. We reserve the right to change the materials, programs, services and products at any time without warning, at our discretion.

Opinions of members and or contributors on forums of the NCPP are not necessarily those of NCPP. 

Use of material provided by NCPP is not intended to substitute professional, legal or financial advice. When advice is required, we encourage you to seek out a qualified professional.

NCPP makes no representation or warranty that information delivered by it is accurate, nor accepts liability or responsibility for any action arising out of the use of such information. You agree to use the information provided by NCPP at your own risk and take sole responsibility for the choices you make.

All content provided by NCPP is property of NCPP and/or its content suppliers (authors and presenters) and is protected by international copyright laws. This includes but is not limited to webinars, courses, videos, templates and intellectual property. You are permitted to use and apply the copyright material only whilst a financial member of NCPP. Use of this material in no way denotes ownership of it. You are not permitted to reproduce, replicate, copy or make available the content to others.

Portal & Website Usage

Your access to NCPP portals (including the member only NCPP Facebook Group, NCPP website portal, etc) gives you-only the right to access and use NCPP resources. You are not permitted to share access or your login details with others. As such you and you alone are responsible for activities that occur under your access details.

Your access does not in any way imply ownership of content - you are not permitted to copy, distribute, sell or publicly share any NCPP resources, including any login details. NCPP reserves the right to refuse or cancel service at NCPP’s discretion.

Agreement to participate 

The value of NCPP to its members is enhanced through the open sharing of know-how, experience and learnings of NCPP members to the whole. As such, as a member of NCPP you agree to contribute to and participate in various services and to share your own expertise with other members. 

As you are reasonably able, you agree to assist the network or members and potential future members through activities such as group learnings, business reflections, networking events, online webinars, student work placements, group forums and discussions, and more as reasonably requested. 

Cancellation of Membership

To cancel your membership with NCPP simply email us at help@ncpp.community